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  • Zzero Sufuri with yet another street anthem “Oya”.
  • The song delves on checking up on a friend mostly through the phone with term “Oya” mostly used in the urban set ups.
  • Zzero Sufuri bumped into the limelight in 2019 thanks to his runaway hit “Zimenishika”.

Gengetone star Zzero Sufuri is back with yet another street anthem dubbed “Oya”.

The term “Oya” is a corruption of the word “Hello” or simply “What’s Up” commonly used in urban set ups.

Done in his signature dancehall vibe, Zzero cleverly uses his words which resonate well with the masses.

He further taps into the sheng lingua while infusing his lyricism with a well crafted rhyme scheme and repetition.

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As he kicks off his rapping, Zzero notes that he has just switched on his phone and finds a barrage of messages seeking to know of his whereabouts.

“Cheki rada ni safi si unacheki niko poa oya!

Ndio nimewasha simu naona text inadai oya!

Oya unaweza tokea na ki wajackoya

Niko na mboka nitapitia ngware mbaya oya

Basi twende oya” goes part of the chorus.

In the first verse, Zzero maintains that he’s not been lost but rather working behind closed doors.

He flows effortlessly while doing justice to the fast paced beat.

“One phone call away ka ni biz dai oya sijapotea sana hamjakuwa mkinitrace oya” he sings partly.

In the song’s continuation, he affirms his superiority when it comes to doing music with a touch that is always loveable.

In the second verse, Zzero proves he’s a force to reckon with when he injects the Akamba language in his lyrics.

“Etawa kasee kana kairetu ni kaseo” he sings partly.

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Biggest Break

Zzero Sufuri had his biggest break in 2019 thanks to his runaway hit “Zimenishika”.

Since then, he’s been on a roll releasing hit after the other.

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A month ago, he dropped the song, 420 which has also earned quite considerable airplay.

However, judging from the response generated by “Oya” it seems this is yet another anthem from Zzero.

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