A veteran pilot Ruben Flowers and his son, Ruben Flowers Jr, posed for a photograph in the cockpit of an airplane back in 1994. 30 years later, they recreated the same photo, but a lot has changed.

In Summary

Ruben Flowers & his son recreate a photo they took almost 30 year ago.

• Flowers Sr proves to have inspired an entire generation into being aviators just like their father.

Ruben Flowers Jr reportedly came across the photo by accident during a visit to his grandmother’s house. A polaroid snapshot from 1994 depicting him sitting next to his father in the flight deck looking up to him in admiration.

Ruben Flowers brings his son to the cockpit in 1994 for a first hand experience.


Flowers Jr had reportedly forgotten the photo existed, but seeing it again, brought back the fond memories of him growing up. Flashbacks of him escorting his father to work at the airport and on occasion getting to experience the cockpit first hand.

A flying Family.

Now 30 years old, Flowers Jr was following in his father’s footsteps and had just began flying as a First Officer for Southwest Airlines; just like his father.

“It was a dream come true moment. Flying truly is a family affair for the Flowers. There are seven of us,” said the younger Flowers.

Flowers Sr poses with son alongside other pilots

At this moment, Flowers Sr was just about to retire getting ready for his last flight with Southwestern airlines.

“It’s unbelievable, such an awesome feeling to know that my son is flying, and my daughter and my youngest son, all three of them are flyers.” said the proud father.

An Inspiration to All.

As an inspiration to not only his son, Flowers Sr became a role model to many other training pilots in Southwest airlines and accredited his inspiration to the very first African american pilot to be hired by Southwest airlines back in 1980; Louis Freeman.

“He was a mentor to me and now I’m trying to be a mentor to others. And as I’m flying my last trip, I can only hope my son can be a mentor to others as well, not just family members.” said Ruben Flowers Sr.

Flowers Jr, who already had the pleasure of flying with his sister who is also a pilot says it would be incredible if he could as well fly qith his brother who is currently in aviation training.

“What I’m looking forward to is to be able to fly in the plane with my brother as well,” reportedly said Ruben Flowers Jr.

As the older Flowers prepares for his final voyage with Southwest airlines, he is confident that his legacy lives on at the airline not only through his son, but also through other aviators he worked with and mentored over the years.

What’s that one trait your family is striving to achieve in unison?

September 26, 2023

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