In summary
•DJ Fatxo denies being gay as he distances himself from allegations that Jeff Mwathi was sexually molested before his death
•Maintains innocence
•Mentored by Sailor’s member, Miracle Baby

Popular mugithi singer, DJ Fatxo has denied being gay as he continued to distance himself with the death of Jeff Mwathi who was alleged to have been sexually molested in his apartment.

Fatxo made the statement during a recent online engagement maintaining that he’s straight and would never be gay.

He went ahead and dared anyone who had evidence to prove that he is gay.

“Huh look at me, do i look like a gay! Am not gay…mi si shoga mi si gay nasiezi kuwa gay,” blurted Fatxo partly.

This narrative was being sold with the backing that upon Jeff Mwathi’s death, his pants had come off.

According to Fatxo, the homicide department did it’s best in determining his innocence together with his cousin and driver.

He further revealed that swaps were provided which proved Jeff was not sexually molested.

In the eye of the sleuths, the trousers might have come off during the flight as he also had no belt.

He pointed an accusing finger at his detractors who were thirsting for his downfall.

The love scandal between Fatxo and a loaded Mwea farmer who was alleged to have gifted him a sleek ride were all pure lies.

Mentored By Miracle Baby

Fatxo who shared his admiration for DJ Afro in emceeing movies also revealed doing the same art uniquely.

Fatxo gave gengetone group, Sailors gang their flowers adding that group member, Peter Miracle Baby took him through the art of music composition.

“They made me be what I am today.. Peter aliniguide akanishika mkono akanionyesha ata kuandika manyimbo,” he narrated partly

In addition the Mwomboko singer added that he’s passionate about music which has been his winning point.

He said that when he incorporated playing the accordion he had carefully studied the market.

A protege of DJ Mo of system unit, Fatxo pegged his success on his maker as he revealed his spiritual background.

He noted that he shot through the limelight during the covid -19 period in the year 2020.

As food became scarce with dry pockets due to job losses and pay cuts, Fatxo’s basket was bountiful.

He would receive cash rewards exceeding 50k in a day.

And by the end of the covid pandemic, The Ndi Mang’aa singer was heavily booked that he traversed widely staging back to back shows.

He also charged highly according him, the kind of lifestyle he leads.

The death of Jeff Mwathi who was a promising interior designer was one of the most publicized homicide cases in 2023.

Despite being linked to Jeff’s death,Fatxo has relentlessly continued to defend himself noting that people have their own perspectives and he cannot stop them from speculating.

By Steve Osaka.

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