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  • His videos on TikTok has left Kenyan women talking
  • He’s an Ordained SA Catholic Priest

Recently Ordained SA priest has left Kenyan women craving for more.

His heavy online presence has not only garnered him new followers from Kenya but has also generated lots of admiration and love from Kenyan women.

Karabo Papa K, known as @karabopapak on TikTok, has managed to capture the attention of Kenyans on TikTok especially women who have recently flocked his account. .

Some Kenyan admirers have gone as far as expressing their willingness to travel to South Africa to attend his church services.

Others, in a playful tone, have jokingly suggested that they will reach out to President William Ruto to invite Karabo Papa K to come and bless Kenyan worshippers.

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Papa’s Thrilling Dancing Style

Father Karabo Lehuthing. Pic Courtesy TikTok


One thing that is clear is how Papa’s dancing and dabbing thrills even the congregants, who have shared multiple videos of him doing what he loves.

The light skinned bearded man always encourages netizens to flock church.

In one tiktok video he shares his thoughts on women “Lord, your daughters are beautiful” he pens as he stretches his hands.

He loves to dance during mass and they way he holds his beards thrills the girls.

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Kenyan Women React

His Tiktok dance videos have garnered immense  reaction especially from female users,

Some comments are captured below

”Nimetoka kwa wall yake sai and let me tell you maina”

”This father should be transferred to one of the parish in Kenya alafu mtuambie ako parish gani”

‘Ngai Huyu ni father hana Mparmanent”

Roman Catholic On Priests Marriage

All particular Churches of the Catholic Church require Bishops to be celibate as was the practice of the ancient Church as Bishops were chosen from monastics who always practice celibacy. In this context, “celibacy” retains its original meaning of “unmarried”.

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