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  • Darasa teams up with Ben Pol in the song ‘Show Off’.
  • Ben Pol has been missing in action for quite sometime now.
  • The two have unmatched chemistry and have collaborated on more than one song.

Darasa has finally dropped the song “Show Off” with Ben Pol who has shrugged off allegations of being broke.

Songs Storyline

The song “Show Off” delves on love depicting today’s love scene where lovers show off their soulmates to the world.

In this internet era, we’ve witnessed countless couple’s share couple goals with all and sundry.

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Darasa and Ben Pol don’t disappoint as they bring out their love story to the world.

Ben Pol kicks off the first verse in his signature smooth vocals.

“Kaomba kapewa

Kaonja kalewa

Nami ndio nishamuelewa

Nikimkosa nakua kama nachelewa

Nyota mbalamwezi

Mwanamke amazing

Mbona hawakuwezi

Kama unakuuga na ngekewa” sings Ben Pol.

The chorus is also simple and catchy.

“Siri sio siri tena

Penzi hadharani

Usipomkuta kwangu

Sasa atakua kwa nani” goes the chorus partly.

Darasa comes through in the second verse killing it effortlessly.

He shares how since he got true love his life has never been the same again.

“Mapenzi yalisha nitesa roho

I said I better let it go

Toka nimekutana na wewe

Mbona naona tunapendana

Washa niumiza sana roho

Unampenda mwanamke much know

Toka nimekua na wewe

Kama mapacha tunafanana” raps Darasa partly.

Video Lyrics

The song is yet to have an official video but the pair has released it’s video lyric.

It’s a party set up with Darasa and Ben Pol staging a live performance.

Dressed up in suits, they stay true to the game with a well thought set.

There are also background shots with a few friends, notably captured is singer, Marioo enjoying the moment.

Kenya is also not left behind as Sol generation star, Bensoul earns a feature.

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Darasa and Ben Pol have unmatched chemistry and have produced some of the best hits previously.

From Sikati Tamaa, Muziki and Tatu just to mention but a few.

However, Ben Pol was much bigger then than Darasa but now it’s vis a vis.

Darasa is the main man now after Ben Pol’s silence with his last hit being, Moyo Machine.



September 7, 2023

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