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  • DJs Double Trouble and Creme De La Creme charms up Dubai.
  • Also joining them on the UAE tour was popular hype man MC Togzik.
  • Double Trouble has become a regular performer at the exclusive establishment, Enish Restaurant in Dubai.

High flying Ghetto Radio presenter cum DJ Double Trouble and prolific entertainer Creme De La Creme charmed up their Dubai fans in a night dubbed the ‘Best Of Both Worlds’. Joining them also on the U.A.E tour was popular hype man, MC Togzik (Mzee Togzik).

It was a hilarious moment the previous night as the trio jetted out of the country via the Jomo Kenyatta International  Airport in Nairobi.

Their faces were lit with joy and so was their entourage which comprised a few friends and family.

In a video shared on Double Trouble’s Instagram, it gives a glimpse into the trio’s last moments while at the departures.

Upon landing in Dubai, Double Trouble is captured being wheeled in a luggage trolley by MC Togzik who invokes some fun asserting that they’ve landed for work having forgotten about love making in Nairobi.

“Customer si uharikishe, hapa ni mbio tuko kazi…huku tumekuja kazi mapenzi tumewacha Nairobi” rants MC Togzik rants partly.

“Weeh tuko Enish, tuko Enish, mambo ni live” fires back Double Trouble partly.

Creme who’s partly hidden while taking the video can also be heard dying in laughter.

“Wasee wa Enish ebu endeeni right direction” says Creme amid laughter.

Creme De La Creme, MC Togzik(center) and Double Trouble PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Fun Night

In a series of photos shared by both Trouble and Creme on their Instagram shows that they enjoyed their time.

Their host accorded them a presidential reception and this is evident with sleek whip they were chauffeured in.

The home boys also didn’t disappoint as they looked dressed to kill. And of course Double Trouble wasn’t complete without his signature merchandise, Shida Mara Mbekse trendy t. shirt.

Double Trouble has become a regular performer at the exclusive establishment, Enish Restaurant in Dubai affirming his dominance in the entertainment world.





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