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  • Socialite Frida Kajala apologizes to her daughter.
  • Frida and Paula Kajala are rumored to both have dated Rayvanny.
  • Frida then went on to date Harmonize.

Tanzanian socialite and actress Firdah Kajala has apologized to her daughter Paula after it emerged they had dated the same man.The mother and daughter are alleged to both have dated Bongo singer Harmonize.

Kajala and the Bongo star’s relationship lasted for only two months in 2021 before Kajala dumped him on grounds that he was also seducing her daughter Paula.

Harmonize expressed displeasure in the act of Rayvanny starting an affair with Paula who was then still a school-going girl. According to Konde Boy, the WCB signee was out to ruin Paula’s life at the expense of his blossoming music career. He added that Rayvanny opted to date Paula out of jealousy because Harmonize was at the time dating her mother Frida Kajala.

Through their reality show Behind The Glam, the mother of one confessed to regretting dating the same man as her daughter and offered an apology.

Fridah wakes up Paula saying she wants them to talk.

Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala

“I am sorry, I feel like I failed you as a mum, you look up to me for everything. We have a very good bond but I made a decision that you kept telling me not to, I am sorry. It hurts me because there are things I would have thought about. I feel bad but there is I can do.”

~Frida Kajala

Fridah further reveals that her daughter would often cry when the allegations came out.This is because of the negative perception people had of her.

“There is a day she told me she was bothered about how people view her. She was scared that the negative publicity would hinder her for the rest of her life. There are things she would say that made me feel she was hurting.”

Paula assured her mother that there was no bad blood between them adding that those are things from the past.

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