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  • Gambling left Rayvanny and Mbosso crying tears.
  • Baba Levo who set them up affirmed that that’s his only way of punishing his enemies.
  • Baba Levo is a known gambler who has vowed never to ditch gambling.

Rayvanny and Mbosso shed tears after losing hundreds of shillings at gambling. The revelation was made by Baba Levo who set them up affirming that that’s his only way of punishing his enemies with Rayvanny and Mbosso having tasted his wrath.

According to Baba Levo, he never used to like Rayvanny and the only way he could get at him was leading him join gambling.

When Rayvanny was losing huge amounts of money, that way Baba Levo was exerting his revenge.

He explained that Rayvanny got talking to himself like a mad man when he lost the bets.

“Unaweza kuitumia kamari  kuwadhibiti maadui ngoja nikuambie, mimi zamani nilikuwa simpendi Rayvanny nikamfundisha kamari, nikamsukuma kwenye kamari aliliwe ikafikia hatua Ray anatembea anaongea peke yake kwenye gari kitu gani nitavuka tu nikajua huyu tayari nishamkomesha” asserted Baba Levo partly.

Baba Levo continued that after dealing with Rayvanny, his next stop was Mbosso who also a baptism of fire.

“Nikamvizia Mbosso ni mjanja nikampeleka siku mbili akaliwa kama elfu themanini akaniambia Baba Levo hili ndio kaburi unanichimbia hili’ he explained partly.

While summing up, Baba Levo noted that there’s a third victim who’s a music producer.

He disclosed that the said producer conned him some money. However, he vowed never to quarrel nor report him to the police but introduce him to gambling.



Toast Of The Night

Baba Levo stole the show during the inaugural of his comedy show under his newly-unveiled media, 7Media.

The show brought the big names within the bongo creative space with top comedians Leonardo and Ndaro going against each other.

However, the event’s host Baba Levo left no stone unturned through his comic outplays.

Picking on his gambling hobby, Baba Levo left the audience in tears through his narrations.

Despite gambling’s addiction which saw him forfeiting his television set, Baba Levo vowed never to ditch gambling.

Remember when Baba Levo was assaulted by Harmonize, the pair were at a casino joint.


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