In Summary

  •  Ghetto youths engaging in crime over harsh economic times
  •  Leaders “burning” the ghetto with fake promises during campaigns
  •  Young People Yet To Clinch Government Opportunities

In the ghetto they call it “injury time” in short theft, which has become the worst enemy in Kenya’s Informal settlements .

The vice which is largely influenced by lack of jobs and viable source of income has left many young people ’dreamless ‘of their future.

Harsh Economic Times

Kibera Slum (Photo Courtesy)


The current economic situation has pushed many ghetto youths lives to a hopeless corner

Additionally school going youths have dropped out of school with young girls experiencing more challenges pushing some to early marriages.

Whilst crime and early marriage is not a new phenomenal in the ghetto, the situation has worsened in recent times.


Speaking to ghetto radio news, Nucho from Kibera says, getting finances has been a huge setback to the young people aspiring to establish a business

‘’Uku mtaani kupata doo ni ngumu saana ,lazima ujitume na pia unaweza amua kujituma upate hyo day ama ata wiki nzima akuna wera , so kumanage saving in order kuamulia biashara yako ni ngumu.’’ Narrated Nucho.

Youths and Current Leadership

Although there were reports of voter apathy, the section who voted feel left out in government opportunities with the people they elected doing the bare minimum.

The feeling of helplessness has pushed many young people to early graves with a few reports of deaths by suicide as a result of unsuccessful cases of job hunting.

Local organizations operating in the informal settlements have reported a rise in teenage marriages and cases of violence.

This is a wake up call to our leaders to come up with better ways to rescue the younger generation who are the future leaders of our great Kenyan nation.





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