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  • Police on spot arresting wrong Mathe Ngara in narcotic syndicate .
  • Family of Teresia Wanjiru now want her released unconditionally.

It has now emerged that the police might have arrested the wrong Mathe wa Ngara this is after it appeared the woman who is accused of being a  bhang peddler  [real mathe wa Ngara] flew the scene and she is on the run.

Police was looking for Nancy Indoveria Kigunzu the 46 years old and Vihiga born heavily built in body size.

Nancy is a accused of running a narcotic syndicate with heavy network.When police raided  her den at Kariwa slums in Ngara, with the officers arresting four suspects in the process.

The total sum of money recovered was Ksh.12,975,000, alongside 26 bags of Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) and four cartons of rolling materials.

Also confiscated were 173 pieces of suspected blended drug/bhang, as well as 42 cartons each containing 200 pieces of cigarettes.The suspects are Eugene Jumba, Hillary Jumbo, Sheila Withers and Teresa Wanjiru.

The Wrong Mathe Wa  Ngara

“I saw  the officers  in heavy gears and my daughter Teresia Wanjiru alongside others were with them and when I  inquired the police replied saying she was not under arrest. I tried telling them that my daughter Wanjiru runs an hotel and that it would be prudent they release her so that she can continue with her duties but the officers never bothered. Teresia has worked in that hotel for many years and coming up with allegations that she is selling bhang the that is misguided and that my daughter should be released unconditionally.” Teresia’s mother Grace Mhihaki said.

“We want the police to release her unconditionally and she is not Mathe wa Ngara as  disseminated by the police to the media.Our mother so aging planting charges on her will not  only deteriorate her  living but also her medical status.” Teresias’ added.

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