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  • Socialite Amber Ray reveals what used to be her daily expenditure.
  • According to the mom of two, the money spent was not just for her.

Socialite Amber Ray has just revealed that she spends close to sh 10 million monthly.

The new mom made the revelation in a recent interview where she noted that after getting together with Kennedy Rapudo her monthly budget actually went up.

According to Amber, she used to spend 300k in a day and sometimes more when she was on her own but since Kennedy came along she doesn’t use money from her pockets and that makes her happy.

“Kitambo I used to even surpass my Mpesa limit in a day. Like the amount of money I spent on day-to-day activities is crazy. Before I got married, I used to spend 300k a day. Nowadays, I don’t use my money anymore,” says Amber Ray.

On why her expenditure is so high Amber went on to note that the money isn’t just for her, she has a huge clan depending on her.

“First off I am a breadwinner, I have so many people I am taking care of that is why I’d end up using that 300k and sometimes even surpassing it,” the mother of two explained.

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When asked about the source of their income, Amber’s fiance, Kennedy who was present during the interview joined in attributing their extravagant lifestyle to their hard work.

 “At the end of the day, we love each other, we work hard and pray about it. There’s no pressure you know, we just live according to what we have. We don’t struggle, and it is a blessing from God,” Kenned said.

Kennedy went to trash claims from those who have been saying that the couple is living a fake life by saying, “ How do you fake what you have? I have been living this kind of life. I don’t seek validation from people, faking it means one day you have this the next you don’t. Have you ever seen us struggling.”

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