In Summary
  • Yaba brings on board his unique  music prowess
  • Papa Lando a seasoned Kenyan Rhumba Icon infuses his unique style
  • Uniquely describes Men who age in style and their  love for rhumba & finer things in life.

With Kenyan Rhumba quickly growing and increasing its fan base ,mbogi ya rhumba welcomes music lovers to the  mesmerizing world of Kenyan Rhumba.

In the certified sweet melodious combined with catchy instrumentals, the triple echoes their love for fashion, relaxation and beautiful African women.

Produced by SoFresh and guitarist Kabaseke, the title derived from the slang language of Kenyan language Swahili MBOGI YA RHUMBA means group of rhumba.

Lando Meets Yaba

Speaking on how the collaboration came to be, Papa Lando says, “We met coincidentally in a studio
where we both record and started freestyling to a beat and ended up recording this tune.” He further
adds, “I have always been a fan of Yabba and Kapela music and I am glad that we finally got to work


Mbogi ya rhumba remix release follows other Papa Lando’s collaborations: “Ex” featuring P-Unit’s Gabuand “Pesa Ni Maua” featuring Padi Wubbon, rhumba ya wababa ft Washington.

Rhumba Maestro  Papa Lando

Papa Lando


Papa Lando is not new in the local music scene as he been creating and releasing music since he was 10 years old.

He prides himself in pioneering the fusion of rhumba with urban elements to create a unique urban sound that he calls KiswaNgala.

The 41-year-old singer draws inspiration from popular Congolese artists such as Koffi Olomide, Ferre Gola, and Lokua Kanza as well as Kenyan legends Eric Wanaina, Sauti Sol, and Kidum.

Orgin Of Rhumba Music

Rhumba originated in the ancient kingdom of Kongo now known as The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Congo-Brazzaville during the 1940s.

Brought to Cuba by African slaves, the African rhythm spread to other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, where it was adapted and influenced by local musical styles. Since the 40s, the genre has been evolving. In Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania it is known as Lingala as most songs are in the Lingala language.

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