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  • 38 year old Samuel Ooko went missing last Monday.
  • He left for Gikomba to buy materials

A family in Kangemi is now wallowing in agony this is after their kin 38 year old Samuel Owino Ouko went missing last Monday without a trace.

Ouko who is a carpenter at Kangemi Westlands sub-county left his workshop to go and buy some carpentry materials in the morning.His phone went off after his departure but could be traced again at 1pm.

According to Nahasion Obudho a family member, they have searched for  him every possible place with no trace so far urging anyone who may know his whereabouts to reach family members.

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Ooko went missing on Monday last week actually he left his carpentry workshop in the morning for Gikomba market  so that he can buy some of carpentry materials.when he overstayed his colleagues at the workshop tried to reach him on phone but he was off…then the phone reflected to on at around 1 pm the later went off completely it is a misterious venture we are dealing with and we are asking anyone who might have information about him to report to the nearest police station or you can reach family members on 0723623880.

Nahasion Obudho Famili member 29TH May ,2023.

The police Report

Meanwhile the family has also reported to Kabete Police station and Kangemi.Tumepiga ripoti Kwa steshini hizo mbili lakini yule ataweza hata kutupigia simu atusaidie akiona huyu jamaa ni sad moment kwa familia na you can imagine ameach nyuma bibi na watoto watatu. OB 07/25/5/2023.

Obudho Family member 29TH May ,2023.

Missing persons

 Statistics have shown that close to 6,500 children go missing annually in Kenya which is equivalent to 18 children daily.

Police say the number could be even higher given that many more lost children are never reported.

Police are now urging members of the public to report missing children for proper documentation. 

By Allan Otieno

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