•The song was to premier last year

•Harmonize bought Khaligraph Jones shoes and gym outfits

•Biggest east African collaboration

Award winning kenyan hip hop star Brian Ouko Omollo commonly known as Khaligraph Jones has revealed that he was the one who sought Tanzanian singer and Konde Gang’s president Harmonize after being disappointed with the artist who was to feature in the song.

In his recent interview at a local media station, The Kwame hitmaker stated that the Amelowa singer showed great interest in working with him.

“I reached out to Konde Boy coz i recorded the song initially i was supposed to have another guy on the song but when i approached him sikulike venye hiyo response alinipatia it was like a by the way,i was like huh! Let me hit up Konde Boy jamaa alibambika na hiyo ngoma sana sana” Said Khaligraph.

The Song Failed To Premier Last Year

As he continued with his narration concerning the song’s process, Khaligraph noted that they were supposed to release the song last year but the process delayed leading to postponement.He added that it was Harmonize who prodded him further to work on the video leading to their eventual meet up in Tanzania for ‘Kwame’s ‘ shoot.

“We were supposed to put out the song last year and we didn’t, this year ikifika Konde Boy akanipigia simu akaniambia ‘khali vipi bana kwani hii wimbo hatutoi, mbona tusishoot video manze ‘ nikaona huyu jamaa enyewe interest yake na hii wimbo iko juu because saa zingine unafind ukiwork na wasanii wengine you just have them on a song, you do the song, release the song they don’t even post it, they don’t do nothing but nikiona huyu jamaa ali express hiyo interest nikasema ‘aii Francis what’s up wacha twende Tz” Explained Khaligraph.

Harmonize Bought Khaligraph Shoes and Gym Outfits

Despite ‘Kwame’ being Khaligraph’s brainchild, the mbona rapper disclosed that he not only footed for his travel expenses but also sorted out the video director,Hanscana.

“Ile kidogo tumechangachanga tumelipa yani flight tukafika huko tukatafuta video director Hanscana shot the video men,i spent a lot of money on that video you guys could see that visuals were crazy and we did the song” Continued Khaligraph

However,the kenyan rapstar revealed Harmonize’s soft side as he warmly welcomed them in his country, bought Khaligraph shoes and also gym outfits.

“Konde Boy alituchukua alininunulia ata viatu na nguo za gym alikuwa kijana roho safi sana ilikuwa ni experience fiti sana” summed up Khaligraph

Biggest East African Collaboration

Khaligraph and Harmonize boast of the biggest song at the moment, released barely four days ago ‘Kwame’has amassed more than 746 views and still counting.

The storyline delves unapologetically on moving forward despite setbacks as exhibited by Ghana’s founding father, Kwame Nkrumah who holds his place as one of the greatest Pan African’s.

February 17, 2023

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