In Summary

  • CJ gazettes establishment of Kibera High Court.
  • The operation commences on 15th September 2023.
  • The CJ to supervise the operation during transition

Chief Justice Martha Koome has gazetted establishment of high court in kibera that will play a crucial role in delivery of justice and legal services to slum dwellers.

Through the Gazette notice, the established Kibera High Court will have supervisory jurisdiction over Kibera Magistrates Court,Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport magistrates Court and the Kahawa magistrates court with effect from 15th September 2023.

Following the elevation, the Gazette notice No. 3337 of 2016, which placed JKIA magistrate court under supervision of Nairobi High Court will be amended.

“The Gazette Notice No. 3337 of 2016 is accordingly amended,” said CJ Koome.

The Transition

The case that have long been heard in Milimani High Court from Kibera magistrate courts and JKIA will now be heard in the newly established Kibera High Court under the supervision of the Chief justice .

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The High Court has unlimited original jurisdiction to determine all criminal and civil matters.

The Court interprets the Constitution and hears cases concerning violation and/ or infringement of the Bill of Rights.

In addition, it handles appeals emanating from Subordinate Courts (Magistrates Court, Kadhis Court, Tribunals, Court Martials, Small Claims Court).

It exercises supervisory jurisdiction over Subordinate Courts and over any person, body or authority exercising judicial or quasi-judicial function.

In exercise of its supervisory powers the Court may call for the record of any proceedings before any subordinate court or person, body or authority and may make any order or give any direction it considers appropriate to ensure fair administration of justice.

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