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  • Mathare’s finest MC, Bokiso dreams big.
  • Bokiso performed his song dubbed “Peace” during the commemoration of International Women’s Day in Mathare.
  • He has witnessed his friends die due to crime and he’s now using music to bring about change.

Despite residing in the sprawling slums of Mathare, Bokiso has set his sights on becoming one of the top artist’s in Kenya. The promising artiste performed his song “Peace” during the commemoration of International Women’s Day in Mathare.

The event was organized by several organizations and had Ghetto Radio’s, Majimaji Julius Owino as its keynote speakers.

The song delves on divisions and tribalism brought about by politics and bad governance more so during the electioneering period.

Bokiso further pleads with young men not to be swayed by politics while harming each other.

“Huku mtaani wengi wetu ni R.I.P na vile tulipigana vi deadly ukabila ilifanya tutumane tu vishenzi ” he raps partly.

As the chorus wears out into the second verse, Bokiso’s pal Edwino carries on. The easy rapping ninja reveals his mission of a change maker by preaching peace.

According to Edwino, the youths have the power within their palms to make things right.

“Mayouth sisi ndio light bado tutashine kama mwangaza ukabila ni disease inafaa kukanyagwa” he raps partly.

Taking it home is none other than, Dr. Mjanja who comes through in the third verse spitting wisdom.

Dr. Mjanja affirms that the only way to enjoying life is through becoming one.

However, during the showcase both Edwino and Dr. Mjanja were missing in action.

Still, Bokiso did his best and got all the bragging rights huh!

Bokiso enjoys a selfie moment with Ghetto Radio’s, Majimaji during the International Women’s Day celebration in Mathare PHOTO Courtesy


Buried Many Friends Due To Crime

During my interactions with Bokiso, the promising rapper revealed that he has witnessed countless of his friends buried due to crime.

His mother had encouraged him from a tender age to follow his heart in music. Bokiso was inspired by a host of award winning Kenyan star’s like legendary Luo urban boy band Gidigidi Majimaji, Daddy Owen and Ringtone.

To avoid being caught up in criminal activities, Bokiso chose to immerse himself in menial activities like garbage collection and working at construction sites.

Through this ventures, he earns an honest living while using the rest of the funds in recording music. This is despite the studios not being sophisticated.

Bokiso also works closely with local organizations geared up to making life in Mathare slums bearable. During functions, he’s the energizer and truly he takes something home.

With high spirits, Bokiso further appealed for improved services in the slums adding that endorsements and other openings should be channeled to the ghettos.

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