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  • Lynn finds it offensive for Miss P To Accuse Willy Paul wrongly
  • She goes ahead to do music with her alleged perpetrator
  • Cites no action to be taken on new accuser

Media personality and youtuber, Lynn Ngugi has weighed on the recent case of Miss P confessing to having lied on Singer, Willy Paul’s forced sexual allegations.

Lynn Ngugi, was at pains with Miss P for normalizing sexual allegations at the expense of the many sexual victims who have to grapple with trauma of rape.

“Come on Miss P you can do better. Your career, your gift is not in question, your talent is not in question your voice is not in question, your voice is not in question, your beauty is not in question. What is in question here is your conscience?” said Lynn.

According to Lynn, Sexual assault was not something light to be joked around with as it had tremendous trauma to the victims.

“It hurts that she’s able to instill doubts about such an important topic in the society, rape is not something that should be joked about” Quipped Lynn

To Lynn, sexual assault and exploitation should be kept away from clout chasing as it bears a hearty drain not only to the perpetrators but also to the people who are sometimes accused wrongly.

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She was further saddened by the fact that Miss P went ahead to do music with Willy Paul, her alleged tormentor.

“When we have a situation whereby as a country we’re able to entertain the fact that someone can come and talk about sexual abuse and then the other time this person is busy making music, holding hands, kissing to prove a point and I was like, how are we kissing our abusers now?” Wondered Lynn.

Mom’s Intervention

In her earlier statement regarding Willy Paul’s sexual molestation, Miss P stated that she had reported the singer to her mother who in turn turned a blind eye to her pleas after having a sit down with Willy Paul.

“Things went on like nothing happened and i was like ‘umempea  mamangu nini,u know? like umemwambia nini ndio vitu zisonge like nothing has happened” stated Miss P then.

On Lynn’s angle and the right channel to be followed if rape occurred was simply making a report with the police and not parent’s intervention.

Moving forward, Lynn pointed out that should there be a new case of sexual harassment to a female artist, no one would actually believe it pointing at Miss P’s case.

This reminds one of the story in the bible, there happened to be a boy who would scream that hyenas had attacked him and his flock.

When aid came by he would laugh off and say that he was only making fun.

So on the real day he was attacked, people thought that he was playing his usual jokes.

So next time you think of making false sexual allegations, think twice.

By Steve Osaka

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