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  • The property owners camped at the Garam investment auctioneer office to block bidders.
  • They claim no notice was issued to them before auction advert was published on local dailies.
  • Wants President to stop potential encroachment.

Owners of high-rise apartments in kwa Njenga are living in fear of eviction despite President William Ruto’s directive that they be spared.

According to Edwin Mukora a member of Mkuru Kwa Njenga Residents Association, who acquired a plot in the area early 2000s,they were surprised when they woke up to an auction advert by Garam Auctioneers of their properties published in the local dailies.

” We have not been served with any notice were entirely in the dark but on Monday we woke up to an advert targeting to auction or our hard-earned properties..we urging President William Ruto to take actions on the land grabbers we don’t want to look our properties to the rich.” Edwin said.

The auctioneers were acting on instruction of Orbit Chemicals Industries Limited

They alleged that they were not served with notice or eviction orders,demolition, and subsequent repossession.

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Another proprietor ,James Chacha, also intimated that there are rogue tycoons whose intentions are to issue threats and intimate the residents in order to take over the piece of land.

“Those who are ploting to take our properties are using threats and involving goons to take our intimidates our tenants,if they are the legitimate owners, let them produce their documents to prove owners. ” Chacha told journalists

They now petition President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua to walk his talk of slapping any potential land grabbers with heavy penalties and reinstating allotment letters to the genuine owners.

The owners had in the morning owners thronged the auctioneer’s office to stop bidders from buying the contentious properties.

The court papers in possession of Ghetto Radio, However reveals that the matter was before Environment and Lands Court where the Justice Edward Wabwoto okyed auction of properties whose owners had refused to regularised.

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