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  • Namwamba says Sherehe’s are turning the iconic ground into a mere drinking den,
  • He has vowed to take action against cartels who have converted the RFUEA ground into a merry making place

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has vowed to deal with cartels that have commercialized the Rugby Football Union of East Africa (RFUEA) Ground.

He has said the cartels have now turned the ground into a club, bar and Sherehe area hence undermining the intended purpose of the place.

“The ground was not meant to be a bar or a club, but the space was availed purposely for the development of rugby,” he said.

“Sherehe’s that are not in line with the intended purpose of developing the gentleman’s game that is rugby should not be allowed at RFUEA,”

Namwamba pointed fingers at tenants responsible for transforming the RFUEA ground into a hub of merrymaking.

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Orchid Lounge and Grills

Speaking at Talanta Plaza yesterday, where he gave Kenya Seven and Kenya Lionesses teams his blessings before they flew out to Dubai, He said that Sherehe’s are not aligned with the primary goal of developing rugby adding that the ground, entrusted to the Rugby Football Union, has seemingly deviated from its purpose.

“I know there is a cartel that believes in impunity and does things in impunity, but sorry cartels I am coming for you,”

RFUEA has leased the land to the Kenya cup side Kenya Harlequin, a space has also been allocated to KRU for its office effectively serving as the union’s headquarters.

It is alleged that Harlequin has also leased the place to the Orchid lounge and grills which has now turned the place into a bar and Sherehe place

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