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  • Nairobi experiencing hot sun and unexpected rainfal
  • How to cope with the weather change 
  • By utilizing weather forecasts and updates, people can predict the possibility of rain and make plans to cope with the showers ahead of time.


Nairobi, the home and heartbeat of Kenya, is a city of culture, business, and people.

The people form the fabric of Nairobi,but even with the glittering streets and the colorful markets, the town dwellers have to cope with the city’s extreme weather conditions, which play out as scorching sun and erratic rain showers.

In order to live well within Nairobi and her environment, there is a need for the residents to do something good and be careful.

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The scorching sun

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Running through days in Nairobi requires a strategic approach. The most vital thing is to remain hydrated amidst Nairobi’s scorching heat.

Having a water bottle handy and sipping it without cease will help you avoid dehydration when you are outdoors. In those times, sunrays become dominant, thus shade searching becomes of essence; a shelter from the hot sun.

Either in the shadow of a tree or a building’s eave, avoidance of the sun’s glare prevents overheating. Consequently, covering up with sunscreen with a high SPF can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, ensuring safety for long hours outside.

Opting for light and airy garments in light hues will make you feel comfortable and provide adequate air circulation, which is very helpful in temperature management.

Indoor activities are recommended to be carried out during the hours of 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. when the sun is hottest, in order to avoid getting heat-related illnesses.

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The unexpected rains

During rainy conditions, taking precautions is necessary.

Nairobi weather comprises short showers, requiring readiness for rain at all times. It’s best to always have rain gear, including umbrellas and waterproof coats, on hand during the rainy season.

Additionally, having a preliminary plan for responding to flash rains, especially during this season, is advisable. Furthermore, utmost caution must be exercised on slippery surfaces to prevent falls and slips.

By utilizing weather forecasts and updates, people can predict the possibility of rain and make plans to cope with the showers ahead of time.

Accommodating houses to heavy rainfall involves clearing gutter and drain clogs to avoid water accumulation and prevent flooding. While storms can produce severe winds that may damage outdoor property, keeping these items secure diminishes the risk of such unpleasant outcomes.

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Governments initiative

Government initiatives, such as weather-proofing buildings, play a major role in reducing the weather-related consequences for Nairobi citizens.

The primary concern of the government is to ensure effective drainage systems and develop robust infrastructure resilience. Upgrading roads, bridges, and sewage systems aims to minimize the impact of flooding.

Educational campaigns inform people about weather safety measures and how to prepare for emergency situations, empowering residents to respond better to challenges.

Nairobi’s Emergency departments are trained and equipped to offer aid during natural disasters, including floods from heavy rainfall.

These teams organize rescue and relief work, eliminating risks to residents during such events. Conquering the weather in Nairobi requires preparedness, vigilance, and adaptability.

Through early action, weekly updates, and public services, Nairobi’s citizens can benefit from the hot sun and unexpected rain while ensuring their comfort and safety despite these weather influences.

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