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  • P Unit are on record for denying Diamond a collaboration during their hey days.
  • Diamond had approached the boy band for a possible collaboration on his song ‘Ntampata Wapi’.
  • The group is looking forward to a musical comeback with an album in the offing.

Did you know that dry lips can make you loose on a business offer? That’s exactly what once high flying genge group, P Unit did to Diamond when they turned down a collaboration request eight years ago.

The revelation was made by a third of P Unit’s member, Bon Eye during the just concluded Sauti Sol’s Sol Fest concert.

According to Bon Eye, they turned down Diamond’s request for having ‘dry lips’.

Bon Eye further added that they kept the now monied Diamond waiting at the hotel’s lobby for 4 hours.

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The Wasafi supremo was fronting his song, Ntampata Wapi for a possible collaboration with the then high flying Kenyan trio.

“Actually naeza kuambia ukweli tulinyima Diamond collabo kuna time Diamond alitungojea kwa lobby Dar es Sallam, alitungojea kwa lobby for four hours…alikuwa anataka tufanye naye collabo na tukamyima, Gabu alisema alikuwa ameparara lips” he stated partly.

Bon Eye continued that he was Diamond’s link to Nigeria through the MTV Awards.

The Yatapita singer would then land a collaboration with American rapper, Rick Ross.

P Unit Gabu, Frasha and Bon Eye during a past performance PHOTO Courtesy



Bon Eye’s sentiments have since landed him and the group in trouble for what is being termed as ‘Karma’.

Well, the Diamond of yesteryears is not todays Diamond.

The Wasafi president commands global attention and flies in his own private jet.

However, the enormous group that once tore him down is today fighting for a comeback.

This reminds us of the beef between King Kaka and Jimwat,  the former was yearning for success and reached out to Jimwat for a collabo.

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At the time Jimwat was at the top of the food chain. He declined to work with King Kaka.

However, tables turned and today it’s all a different story.

We sampled a few of the reactions

“Sahii iyo lips inawaramba”

“Never despise any upcoming talent! Enough lesson”

“Alafu sai nyinyi mumeparara mifuko”

“Walitudharau …Who’s laughing now”

“This nigga has the audacity…Diamond is literally a worldwide brand right now!”

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