In summary
•Rayvanny furious as his images feature on Paula,Frida Kajala’s reality show
•Paula rubishes allegations that Rayvanny dumped her after she got intimate with the latter’s friend
•Paula reminds Rayvanny’s wife to keep off their arguments

Following the premier of a reality show by Bongo movie actress, Frida Kajala Masanja and her daughter Paula Kajala in which singer Rayvanny partly makes an appearance, the latter has come out breathing fire over it.

According to Paula, Rayvanny himself sought her and gave a greenlight for his involvement and she wonders why he has had a change of mind.

“Image yako isitumike bila approval ulivyoweka gari yako mafuta kunifata nilipo ulikuwa umelewa au mwezetu ww ni mwezi mchanga ss hv akili ndo zimekurudi …ukitaka tubishane sitomaliza ur image will be used as long as ulikubali mwenyewe na sauti zako zipo ukikubali” fires up Paula partly

In one of Rayvanny’s series of post’s,he refers to his former girlfriend as ‘big mouthed’ as the latter unapologetically shares previous images in the company of Rayvanny.

“Little girl biggest MOUTH in the world 😂🔥😂😂(DOMO)

Nina mengi but siwezi bishana na mtoto wa kike… DON’T USE MY IMAGE PLZ..” warns Rayvanny

You Cheated On Me With My Best Friend

In yet another post, what many did not know concerning the pair’s split finally came to light.

In Rayvanny’s words,he dumped Paula after the latter cheated on him with his best friend.

Though he didn’t directly mention with whom,Rayvanny dragged his former boss, Diamond by using his photo to drive the point home.

“Hadi leo hujui kwa nini TULIACHANA…lemme tell you the day NILIJUA YOU F**** my brother nilie muheshimu sana sana kwenye mziki wangu na unajua tunaheshimiana sana HAPO NDIPO NILICHANGE MY MIND”quipped Rayvanny partly

In a rejoinder,Paula rubishes Rayvanny’s allegations while rueing loosing her virginity to him.

“Tena nilikuwa nasubiria sana uongee yaani najuta hata kukufahamu maana ww ndo umesababisha dunia nzima inione mimi malaya na mtu mbaya Bora hata ningekaa na bikra yangu” Scoffed Paula partly

Also not left behind was Rayvanny’s wife,Fahyvanny who tried to question why Rayvanny’s image had to feature in Paula,Fridah Kajala’s show.

Paula hit back at her, reminding her that such a question she would have directed to Rayvanny.

Paula further alleged that at the height of her affair with Rayvanny, the latter cheated on her with a girl who worked at a nearby shop.

Am A Wrong Dial

Paula went further and warned Rayvanny that he had finally gotten what he asked for.

She maintained that if Rayvanny will continue stalking her then she’ll spill more beans which will see him badly damaged in the end.

“Unajua nina vitu vingi sana naweza kuongea ila sitaki maana utadhalilika Am done for today I think you have learnt ur lesson watoto wa elfu 2000 sio wa kuwachezea ” Roared Paula partly

Paula maintained that she cut ties with Rayvanny after it was clear to her that the latter was still warming the bed of his baby mama,Fahyvanny then.

Paula is currently dating bongo flava star,Marioo having parted ways with Rayvanny whom made a U-turn and reconciled with his baby mama Fahyvanny.

Is Paula,Rayvanny bad blood ending anytime soon? Leave a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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