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The reggae fraternity has mourned DJ Lastborn as a big loss to the Deejaying industry in Kenya.

Ghetto Radio’s DJ Charra has described DJ Lastborn as a man who was way ahead in his music selection.

“I played with Lastborn in a number of reggae events. What I can tell you is that he was way ahead in his selection. You had to listen to him to keep up with fresh reggae tunes,” said Charra.

Legendary reggae DJ Papa Charley has described Lastborn as a hard working reggae DJ who loved everyone and indiscriminately imparted his reggae knowledge to people.

“We will miss him. He loved reggae and understood reggae very well… It is unfortunate that he fell ill and was bedridden for quite a long time. It is quite sad that last year when I visited him, the illness had reduced him to a child. He was trying so hard to speak and at some point he broke down. We need to learn from Lastborn’s life and start supporting one another as reggae DJs ” stated Papa Charley.

Popular radio DJ Musikal Sheriff has described Lastborn as family.

“I knew Lastborn many years ago and what I can tell you is that he was family to me. His loss is huge and I will forever miss him,” stated Sheriff.

Ghetto Radio’ s DJ Double Trouble also mourned Lastborn and wished the family comfort.

Lastborn’s body is currently lying at a Mortuary in Mombasa.

Burial dates are yet to be announced.


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