In Summary
  • Mwaki was Originally sung Sofiya Nzau,
  • The electrifying remix produced by the renowned Brazilian DJ and producer, Zerb has taken over the internet.

Multi-talented Kenyan performer and vocalist. Sofiya Nzau’s song ‘Mwaki’ has become a global TikTok sensation.

The song trended over the weekend after a remix produced by international DJ, Zerb went viral.

Dj Zerb (Photo Courtesy)

”Mwaki’ Song Initial Controversy

Controversy initially arose when Zerb  failed to credit Sofiya as the original owner of the song, causing an uproar among both Sofiya’s loyal fan base and the general public.

Some comments are captured below,

Why are you not credited on you tube or Spotify.”

Is Sofia Nzau getting some credit on the same”?

Zerb eventually acknowledged her contribution tagging her in a TikTok post, clarifying that his remix was a tribute to her talent.

Who is Sofiya Nzau

Sofiya Nzau (Photo Courtesy)


Sofiya Nzau is a multi-talented Kenyan performer and vocalist.

On her TikTok page, Nzau posted a lovely video accompanied by a caption describing her childhood.

”I grew up in a small village in Miruri in Murang’a,Kenya. I loved music since i was young and I am so happy to share with the world the richness of our counterthrough words and music. Thank you for receiving Mwaki” Read her caption.

Her partner Nzau,doubles up as her manager and Producer.

Alongside her musical pursuits, she is a proud mother, wife, and a prominent figure in the Kikuyu music scene. While she has previously delivered hit songs like “Kyeta,” it is ‘Mwaki’ that has truly brought her soulful melodies to the global stage.

‘Mwaki ‘ Song Translation

Showcasing her music prowess, Sofiya sings, “Na niguo Muthee akoragwo Muaki, na nianjirite ndigakuhikie, Anyona mucii niekurakara, Nake arakara dahorekaga…. Nuuuu nuuu… No uthamire…”

The lyrics can be translated to; “My Father is very strict, he had warned me about marrying you, if he sees me home, he will get angry, and when he gets angry, he’s uncontrollable… You will have to relocate!”



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