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  • Waqo was allegedly  shot dead by Huruma Police station based officer.
  • His body was taken to City  Mortuary as police continues with investigation.

One person has been shot dead in Kiamaiko area, Mathare Subcounty.

Galano Waqo was acosted at a carwash in Kiamaiko where he was shot three times in what was alleged that he was involved in motorbike theft.

Following his death Kiamaiko residents hold protest torching various business stalls in the area.

All business were at standstill, police, overwhelmed and transport activities affected. The police however, managed to take control dispersing rioters after two hours of fracas between the police and residents.

“Amepigwa kama nyoka huyu mtoto wangu …wamepiga yeye risasi tatu yaani alipiga kama wametumwa …hii si maneno madogo amewacha bibi na watoto wawili hata hatujui tutawasaidia  aje kama familia tunataka haki.Kijana yangu hajawaishika ama kuiba chochote cha mtu mbona anauliwa hivi vibaya na polisi..tunaomboleza kijana ameacha familia sisi hatujui tutapata haki wapi sasa kama serikali inatumaliza sisi.” Galanos’ father said.

“The police came and killed my brother, he is innocent he has never stolen anything from anyone and am surprised that there is no justice in our community today…Huruma police station has become rogue with many officers now taking law on their hands and killing innocent individuals, they are baying for our blood they know all criminals in Kiamaiko but even arresting one has become a problem they are just after innocent individuals.”Amina Galawe told Ghetto Radio News.

Call For Justice

They have called on president William Ruto to reign on police officers perpetrating extrajudicial killings in Kiamaiko.

“Hii serikali ya rais Ruto itatuambia kama wanafaa Kutuua ama vipi haki tumechoka …tunataka justice alikua ametetea mtu ameshikwa na wakamlipua risasi.Pia wamepiga babake it is purely business they wanted finances from him.” Amina added.

His body is currently lying at City Mortuary as police continues with investigations.

By Allan Otieno and Milo George

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  • Rukia Ahmed Farah


    Kenyan need to advocacy of call of action by have social movements from different region coverage all kenyan.47 county mobilze and lobbying group add my name Rukia Ahmed Farah from Moyale Marsabit county

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