The superstitious concept of Sanpaku eyes has captured the imagination of many, spurred by the tragic passing of TikToker, Brian Chira. 

In Summary:

• The true origin of the Sanpaku Eyes Theory in ancient Japanese culture.

• The mystery of untimely deaths has forced Kenyans to attribute recent tragic events to superstitious beliefs.

Sanpaku Origin.

Sanpaku, a Japanese term meaning “three whites”. In this case, it refers to a condition where the white of the eyeball is visible either above or below the iris.

According to ancient Japanese beliefs, this indicates an imbalance in one’s physical, emotional, or spiritual state.

The Fallen Angel (French: L’Ange déchu) is a painting by French artist Alexandre Cabanel.

This trait was covertly used in film & cartoon animation in the early 21st century thus being somewhat relevant in day today’s culture.

Siting a series of untimely deaths in the country, Kenyans have naturally turned to superstition for answers.

The Late Rapper E-Sir spotting Sanpaku eyes.

The tragic demise of Kenyan celebrities, including the beloved ‘King wa South C,’ Esir, who lost his life in a road accident, have now been attributed to their Sanpaku eyes.

TikToker Brian Chira’s controversial photo spottinf Sanpaku Eyes.

Brian Chira, a tiktoker who recently passed away due to a road accident seems to spot the dreaded Sanpaku eyes in a controversial picture he posted with nail polish on & looking feminine. Kenyans have come out on social media to highlight the tragic pattern of said Sanpaku eyes & untimely deaths.

Brian Chira’s passing has shown humanity’s nature to seek explanations for inexplicable events. But does everything really happen for a reason?

Considering Other Factors.

As much as these assertions may seem harmless, they tend to undermine the crucial factors contributing to accidents and tragidies.

Factors like mental issues, road safety, health conditions, and environmental factors should be thoroughly reviewed to mitigate the misfortune we are currently facing as a people.

Road Safety Awareness Flier courtesy of NTSA.

It’s crucial to approach talks about Sanpaku eyes with critical thinking. While acknowledging its cultural significance, its crucial to consider logic.

Efforts should be directed towards promoting road safety, mental health support and general well being.

We honor the memories of those that passed away. Rudi Nyumbani.

March 21, 2024

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