These are the 5 Best Cars for Road Trips and Wildlife Safaris

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When traveling on safari by car, have you ever found yourself wondering, “When is this nightmare going to end?”

For your next trip, why not invest in one of the best wildlife safari vehicles?

Based on your destination and the kind of safari you shall be on, the vehicle you select may undoubtedly increase your enjoyment of the trip and reduce your frustration.

Whether you are hiring, buying, or importing the car, aspire for a vehicle that your family and friends will like when going for road trips or bush safaris.

Some of the best wildlife safari vehicles out there come with welcome extras for added luxury and comfort. Below are five best cars for road trips and wildlife safaris.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

For safaris, the indomitable Toyota Land Cruiser (Troppy) is ideal for viewing animals. There are six window seats on the vehicle. 

These customized safari Land Cruisers come with a powerful 4.2cc diesel engine, a long-range tank (140–180 liters of Diesel), and the least amount of technology imaginable. It is built for off-road driving and is capable of navigating all the difficulties that Kenyan roads may present.

A few features that further improve your driving experience include first aid kits, sliding windows, air conditioning, drink coolers, fire extinguishers, and pop-up safety roofs.

It includes roomy seats with enough legroom, an open top, and large windows, all of which offer a maximal viewing advantage, ensuring that you do not miss the lion shot for which you have been waiting all morning.

The Land Cruiser is the ideal choice because it has softer suspension than some of the other cars on this list, making it somewhat more comfortable, so if you’re seeking for an economical, cozy, and private experience, go no further.

  1. Jeep Wrangler

Many people’s notion of the best cars for road trips in Kenya and other safari destinations involve an open 4×4 vehicle gliding across the huge plains of the Masai Mara, allowing its occupants to get close to diverse wildlife species.

Jeeps are some of the greatest vehicles for watching wildlife since they let you delve into the bush environment.

They are also great if you want to take stunning pictures and improve your wildlife photography.

Jeeps offer you the chance to breathe plenty of clean air all day long. Also, they tend to be better for short game drives than minivans because they tend to be more comfortable.

Additionally, these vehicles are perfect for birdwatching, wildlife viewing, and photography Safaris because they are open on both sides. 

Just as importantly, they offer you a better chance of avoiding getting stuck in the mud during heavy rain, whereas minivans have occasionally needed to be extricated by jeeps.

It is much better to choose a jeep while you are on a deserted road so that you won’t run the danger of getting stuck.

  1. Overland Trucks

For lengthier overland travels and road vacations, overland trucks are the best option (such as on cross country travels).

Most are built to handle difficult roads, shallow river crossings, and potholes, and have a capacity of 12 to 40 people.

The range of options is wide because the trucks’ seat configurations and sizes vary. While some may have front seats, others have side or back seats.

The high-inch all-terrain tires greatly facilitate traveling across rugged and mountainous terrain and enhance the views of the surrounding scenery (particularly in grassy areas).

A 360-degree view is possible with the vehicles’ wide horizontal or vertical windows and pop-up roof, which is ideal for getting those hunting photos.

These types of vehicles also boast ample storage space, including compartments under the seats, in the back of the truck, overhead, and on removable trailers, which are all specially designed to hold luggage and equipment (such as cameras).

  1. Safari Van

Not everyone seeking the best road trips in Kenya should use the Safari micro-bus, often known as the safari van or minivan. The vehicle is best suited for tarmacked roads and mild off-road terrain.

However, compared to other safari vehicles, it is unquestionably the less expensive way to go and see some of the continent while on a safari.

The safari van is a modified vehicle with a roof hatch so that passengers can stand and observe wild animals from the roof hatch, located on the top side of the bus and which can be opened as needed. 

The majority of safari van reservations are made through travel agencies that specialize in planned safaris and trips.

Having said that, the minivan has long dominated the Kenyan safari scene and given the country’s reliable road network, it is definitely worth a try.

Travelers on a tight budget can use small cars such as Nissan Note, Mazda DemioHonda Fit, Toyota Vitz and others to get around, but for game drives, the safari van and the safari land cruiser are the ideal choice.

  1. Land Rover Defender

Everyone who loves Land Rovers is aware that the Defender is one of the best cars for road trips in Kenya.

The vehicle’s durable construction was built to handle rugged terrain and guarantee smooth passage to any location. Every first-time safari traveler, though, needs to be ready for a few specific things.

While the Defender sets you up for one of the best road trips in Kenya, there are some design elements and cutting-edge technological advancements you should take into account to get the most out of your safari vacation. 

Defenders frequently have a center differential lock system and low ratio 4WD gear, which make for superb off-road suspension. 

Also worth noting, is that all Defender models undergo extreme testing to establish their off-road capabilities.

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