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  • A video is doing rounds on social media showing the socialite making out in the toilet with his man.
  • Netizens are having a field day of the now viral clip.

Ugandan socialite Christine Nampeera is trending after being busted making love in a toilet with her man.

In the video that has since gone viral, the lovebirds are captured enjoying the moment oblivious of their sorrounding.

The man’s sunglasses can be seen tucked away atop a toilet paper roll.

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What’s also amusing is that the pair are barefoot in the public toilet.

The video seems to have been recorded by a third party who heard them from the next toilet.

Online police have since named Nampeera’s boyfriend, Barasha as the man involved due to his trademark sunglasses.

The two have hit headlines in the past with Barasha said to be abusive.

Nampeera has been unable to walk away from the relationship since the man is loaded and caters for her needs.

According to reliable sources, Nampeera has lost her friends who tried to talk her out of the relationship.

However, in a rejoinder Barasha is said to have downplayed the allegations terming them false.

“Respect for privacy is key. Let’s not spread false claims about sensitive topics. Thanks for understanding” he said.

X Erupts Over The Video

Since the video leaked out, netizens have had a field day with memes and funny statements directed at them.

We sampled a few of them below.

“I stand with Barasha too! Or was it not him?”

“We once judged Barasha for beating her, guy was right”

“I hear Barasha removed shoes to gain stability lke Shaka Zulu warriors”

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