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  • Willy Paul drew pistol over collabo, Stoopid Boy.
  • Stoopid Boy threw shade at Willy Paul’s dancers for being low budget in his song, G Bag A Jat.
  • Stoopid Boy has since released a follow-up jam dubbed ‘Wegede’.

Gota city rapper Stoopid Boy has revealed that his beef with Willy Paul started when the latter threatened him with a pistol following a request for a collaboration.

According to Stoopid Boy, their beef then with Mbogi Mbogi was at a crescendo.

Mbogi Genje appeared a step ahead of his crew, Gota City following their collabo with Bahati.

To counter them, Stoopid Boy saw it wise to approach Willy Paul for a collabo.

However, Willy Paul would here none of it which saw him brandishing a firearm.

“Ule msee namchukia mbaya ashawahi nithreaten kumuomba collabo, nilimuaproach tu vi polite nikamwambia eeh niaje Willy yee hupita hizo area zetu nikamshow niaje Willy kuna hii collabo sijui ya Mbogi Genje na Bahati wametoa sisi kama Gota city si tupige reply fala alinionyesha ye hukua na pistol(chuckles) nikashindwa huyu ni msanii ama ni msagani” he asserted partly.

Stoopid Boy further disclosed that Willy Paul was among the very first people who heard his song, G Bag A Jat before it’s release.

The Ngumi Ni Jamo rapper went all out on Willy Paul accusing the Saldido boss of almost running over his pal with his sleek ride.

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He added that Willy Paul was against being asked for alms.



Glad Tidings

Stoopid Boy has since struck gold from his viral stint thanks to the success of his song ‘ G Bag A Jat’.

He is now under a new management, Kipawa which has been producing his music.

He has since released a follow-up song dubbed ‘Wegede’ which is a collaborative effort with various artists.

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Despite his run, a section of his fans believe he needs to clean up from drugs.

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