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  • Winnie Odinga and Breeder Lw dropped a surprise freestyle.
  • Winnie Odinga has never shied away from showing her rapping prowess.
  • Both Winnie and Breeder Lw share a striking resemblance though they’re not siblings.

Between rapper Breeder Lw and Winnie Odinga who’s the baddest rapper?

That’s the biggest question everybody is asking after the two personalities dropped a surprise freestyle.

In the freestyle, Winnie Odinga kicks off the duel while seated in the car.

The daughter of Opposition chief, Raila Odinga goes hard dropping bars in English to the hip hop laced beat.

Moments later, Breeder Lw follows suit with a freestyle though the beat is changed to another hip hop classic.

Fans Reactions

Following Breeder and Winnie’s surprise freestyle, Netizens have continued to drool over their unmatched chemistry.

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We sampled a few of the reactions from their TikTok video.

“We appreciate real talent and hardwork”

“Talent is like pregnancy it can never be hidden”

“I think she belongs to the uptown streets and not politics anaeza chachisha uptown hip hop mbaya sana”

“Brother and sister”

Winnie Odinga has never shied away from showing off her rapping prowess.

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In many of her keynote speeches, Winnie would crown it with a freestyle to the astonishment of many.

The first time EALA Mp is on record for daring Femi One to a lyrical duel.

Striking Resemblance 

Despite not being related, Breeder Lw and Winnie Odinga share a striking resemblance.

Netizens have also shared their two cents on their similarities.

From their dark skin, love for rap, fashion sense and burly size the list is endless.

Currently, Breeder Lw has been riding high dropping countless freestyles.

He raps on anything and everything, he also featured prominently in the Kenya, Tanzania wars.

Known for his moniker “Papa Fathela” or “Bazenga Daddy” Breeder Lw remains one of the few rappers to watch.



September 30, 2023

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