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  • The youths want mandatory and affordable healthcare services as enshrined in the constitution .
  • They are also pushing for the review of the bill mainly scrapping off video shooting fees

Youth Led organisations consisting of Activista movement, Kariobangi Social Justice Center and Young Urban Movement have expressed their concerns in the proposed Nairobi county proposed finance bill 2023/24 which seek to raise 20 billion in own resource revenue county operations and development.

In a statement seen by Ghetto radio the organisation said that the proposal may be disadvantageous to the county residents.
” We believe that specific provisions within the bill may adversely impact residents of our country. Our consortium seeks to highlight these concerns and propose revisions to ensure fairness and affordability for all residents,” stated the release.

The release also revoked implant insertion and removal of 500 Shillings Per procedure and right to accessibility to post abortion health care.

” We recommend revoking of the proposed charges of 500 Kenyan shillings per procedure since the service crucial in reducing unintended pregnancies and promoting production health care including safe and affordable post abortion health care which the bill propose to charge 3000 Kenyan shillings.”

The youth also want the bill to scrap off music and video shooting fee, reducing fee for exhaust lorries which are proposed and the push for  access to sufficient water, sanitation and hygiene resources.

“Lowering music shooting fee will encourage artistic expression and provide opportunities for emerging artists. The county should also reduce water fees to emphasize the importance of clean water supply,” stared part of the release.

The youths are requesting that their concerns and suggestions be considered during the bill’s review and amendment process.

By Jeremick Joe

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