Zetech University Clinches Victory in the Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament against Strathmore University.

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Zetech University grabs the winners title & prize at the Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament at Nyayo stadium.

GR Managing Director, Julius “MAJI MAJI” Owino pledges to always provide a platform & support for young talent & campaigns empowering the youth at GhettoRadioFM.

• Sterling Sports inc promises to bring more positive campaigns & tournaments in the future.

The indoor basketball court at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya, witnessed an exhilarating display of talent and fierce competition as teams from across the city battled it out in the highly anticipated Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament.

The championship, organized by the Sterling Sports inc & powered by GhettoRadioFM, showcased the best young talent in the country.

How it went down

The Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament, that began on the 6th – 9th July 2023, brought together promising young basketball players from various universities, clubs, and regional teams.

With the aim of promoting youth talent development, the tournament attracted significant attention from basketball enthusiasts and supporters across the nation. The event also served as a platform for scouts and coaches to identify potential stars for higher levels of competition.

The various teams showcased exceptional skills, teamwork, and determination throughout the tournament, demonstrating why they were considered strong contenders for the tournament title. Under the guidance of their experienced coaches and support from their fans, the teams faced tough opponents at each stage, exhibiting talent and resilience.

Referees discussing previous impressive plays.

The teams that made it to the final knockout rounds included Zetech University, Strathmore, UON Beez, Footprints Runners, Lady Rebels & ANU.

Their performances captivated the audience and earned them a well-deserved spot in the tournament’s grand finale.

The Final Showdown

The final match of the Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament witnessed an electric atmosphere as Zetech University went head-to-head with Strathmore University, eager to claim the championship. The contest showcased the best of both teams, with intense displays of skill, agility, and tactics.

Zetech University’s players demonstrated sheer skill, maintaining their composure even in high-pressure situations. They executed fast breaks, precision passes, and impressive three-pointers, leaving the audience in awe.

The team’s persistent defense thwarted their opponents’ scoring attempts and forced turnovers, which was a major part of their 68 – 28 victory.

As the final buzzer sounded, Zetech University emerged victorious, claiming the championship title of the Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament. The team’s jubilation and celebration were a testament to their hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

The Impact and Future Tournaments

The Under 23 Sterling Golden Cup Basketball Tournament has played a crucial role in nurturing and promoting young basketball talent in Kenya. The exposure gained by participants in this tournament could potentially lead to opportunities at higher levels of competition, both domestically and internationally.

GhettoRadio Managing Director, Julius “MAJI MAJI” Owino, gave a speech of appreciation to the entire arena and pledged that GhettoRadioFM would always be at the forefront of giving young talent the platform and support they need to showcase their gifts & take them to the next level of their craft.

He also promised to always have GR’s doors open for such campaigns & tournaments that bring out the best in the young generation. Be sure to watch out for the next U23 Sterling Golden Cup Tournament.

By J.K.Raminya

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