Ghetto Radio van was on Wednesday vandalized by a section of protesters along Jogoo Road.

The protesters threw stones at the crew that was covering the protests damaging windows of the van.

The crew that had the Managing director Julius Owino, Brekko Show Host DJ Katta and driver Oggogos was forced to take cover at a nearby Children’s Hospital in a bid to escape the protesters.

“Ghetto radio van vandalized along Jogoo Rd as police engage protesters who were blocking the road. Hakuna mahali kunapitika ata kidogo, we had to seek refuge at getrude’s hospital donholm,” said DJ Katta.

“Sisi tulijingiza getrude hsp tukakwama,” said Majimaji

No one was injured in the melee.

Eastlands area consisting of Jogoo Road and Outering Road was one of the areas that was largely hit by the protests.

The protesters engaged the police in a cat and mouse game during the protests.

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