Matatu Artists have brought a royal touch to Kenyan Streets with new matatus featuring a blend of the Kenyan and British cultures.

In Summary:

• The british High commission tasks Graff Matwana artists with blending Kenyan & British culture on brand new Matatus.

• These blend of cultures are in anticipation of the historic King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s visit to Kenya.

Graff Matwana artists working on the high roof vans/Photo Courtesy

The British High Commission has commissioned matatu artists to design their fleet of Toyota High Roof 9L vans with an England theme.

This is in acknowledgment of King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s anticipated visit.

A Bridge Between Two Cultures.

This collaboration not only creates a bridge between British and Kenyan cultures but also showcases the artistic prowess of Kenyan youth.

The Graff Matwana Artists pose with their masterpieces/Photo Courtesy

This decision by the British High Commission is a nod to the significance of this craft.

It is also an acknowledgment of its place in urban Kenyan culture.

Van featuring the English Flag/Photo Courtesy

The Designs

While each of the vans is distinct, they all pay homage to England’s heritage. The designs also recognise England’s future under King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Distict designs under the same theme done by Graph Matwana/Photo Courtesy

One particular matatu features illustrations of the iconic British landmark, The Big Ben.

Vans featuring different designs under the same theme/Photo Courtesy

Another features a picture of King Charles III and Queen Camilla waving to their subjects after the coronation.

The designs also incorporate Maasai bead patterns and motifs from various Kenyan tribes, creating a blend of the overall Kenyan experience.

A Historic Visit.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s visit to Kenya marks a new chapter in the longstanding friendship between the two nations.

British themed van by Graff Matwana/Photo Courtesy

In the era of globalisation, our culture is one of the aspects Kenyans should strive to preserve and uphold.

These matatus will serve as a testament to the importance of this relationship and an acknowledgment of Kenya’s rich cultural heritage. Rudi Nyumbani.

October 25, 2023

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