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  • She shares her son Angelo, born in October 2012, with ex-husband Simon Konecki.
  • The musician has previously spoken about her desire to have another child,
  • Adele had a sweet moment when she spotted the doctor who delivered her son.

In videos shared on social media Adele is seen performing at her Las Vegas residency, decked out as Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family” to celebrate Halloween.

During the weekend 33 performance, Adele could be seen mouthing ‘shut up!’ in between lines of the heartbreaking ballad, as she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

As she strolled through the crowd singing “When We Were Young,” Adele spotted her obstetrician.

Oh my God Colin!” she said as she ran to hug the doctor. “This is my doctor that gave birth to my baby. I haven’t seen you for years.”

Adele became overcome with emotion and was unable to sing her song.

“Will you sing it for me?” she asked the audience. “That man delivered my baby.

Adele on Motherhood

She shares her son Angelo, who was born in October 2012, with ex-husband Simon Konecki.

Adele welcomed her son Angelo in October 2012 and shares her child with charity executive Simon Konecki. The pair split in 2019.

Adele recently opened up about her hopes to add another little one to her life. “I’m desperate for another baby, Colin,” Adele told the crowd in Vegas.

Back in August she said the same at another one of her residency gigs. “I really want to be a mom again soon,” Adele told the crowd after an audience member asked her for help choosing a baby name.

Fans wowed by Adele’s Emotional Connection
Adele poses with fans, Weekend 34 (Photo Courtesy)


Netizens took to social media showing love to the ”Hello” Hit maker.

Some comments are captured below,

”I just love Adele for being real and she cherishes humanity so sweet of her this is so gorgeous.”

”Adele is an angel and must be protected at all costs.”

”Cute Adele”

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