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  • Avril has reactivated her Instagram account about a week after deactivating it.
  • Deactivating her account follows concerns surrounding her and her baby daddy J.Blessing after a physical assault.
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Avril: Photo Courtesy

Kenyan singer and actress Judith Nyambura aka Avril has reactivated her Instagram account, about a week after deactivating it.

The ”Hello Baby” hit singer had deactivated her account with almost two million followers last Wednesday after raising allegations of abuse against her lover,J.Blessing.

She reactivated her account yesterday and she posted a message about a classical musical festival in Nairobi where she will performing alongside other veteran Kenyan singers such as Jua Cali,Mr.Lenny,Pilipili and Jimwat.

“Old skul vibe on December 2nd #SaveTheDate,” Avril wrote on the poster.

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What made her deactivate her Instagram account.

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Avril:Photo Courtesy

Last Tuesday Avril caused concern among her fans after she shared horrific photos of her face with bruise marks with a caption ‘nikomeshe J’ which made a lot of speculations online.

Later,Avril came forward to defend herself and explain why she reached the point of opening up publicly about what she was going through in private.

The musician later made it clear that she had forgiven J.Blessing for anything that happened between them and also asked her fans to forgive him.

“I acknowledge that our seven-year relationship and our journey as parents to a beautiful little boy has been challenged, and there have been conflicts that escalated into fights,”

”We recognize the need for change and are committed to finding support and learning better ways to communicate and resolve issues. Our goal of both sides is to create a positive environment and help each other more, promote understanding and growth.” she wrote.

In his defense, J.Blessing claimed that one of the pictures published by Avril was an incident that happened last year and she did not beat Avril the way she was claiming and he apologized.

“I am very sorry for the harm I caused to Avril or anyone else. I am guilty, but I would like to clarify a few things,”

About a year ago, we had a physical fight in which we were all injured, and that day, I immediately took him to the hospital. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures he posted is of that event.” He wrote.

The video producer also announced that he and Avril had agreed to part ways after the recent incident involving them.

Avril later deactivated her account and uploaded a music video ‘Uko’ in her you tube account.

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