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  • Azziad has for the first time opened up on having suicidal thoughts during an Interview with Dr.Ofweneke at TV47.
  • She is now among the top influence’s we have In Kenya.
  • Azziad is an actress and she is taking a lead character in a series ‘The Pink Ladies’ which airs on Rembo Tv.
Azziad Nasenya: Photo courtesy


Radio host and the queen of Tik Tok  Azziad Nasenya has for the first time open up about having suicidal thoughts following her first viral video.

Having a sit down interview with Dr Ofweneke on TV47,Yesterday,Azziad said that cyber bullying made her think of quitting social media and committing suicide.

Recalling back then after she had gone viral for her dance challenge to the ‘Utawezana’ song by Femi One and Mejja where she was featured as a video vixen she noted that day became her lowest moment in life.

Beautiful Radio host narrated that online bullying affected her so much remembering it a time when she was living alone at the time and never thought fame would come so fast.

“The bullying… it was hectic so there’s this day I have never said this before eeeh!, I was living on the 4th floor,that was my first house.I was living alone in this one bedroom,my mum was paying the rent,of course not me,”

“After the video went viral, that did not shock me coz I had done a couple of videos. A lot of people asked me how I was feeling. It did not shock me because I had done some videos that went viral before on Tik Tok and  it was happening. So to me, I was just like aaah it’s another one.”She narrated.

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Beginning of the ordeal

Azziad Nasenya - Wikipedia
Azziad Nasenya: Photo courtesy

She encountered that that particular video made her feel so loved and later it landed her into cyber bullying.

”It was different, people knew me so it escalated. People were sharing it, I was like okay cool nice.So it was all love and then before you know  it was boom,”

”It changed and I’m like okay what is happening? It changed after a day or a day and a half. I remember I was crying. It was terrible, I’m alone it’s in the middle of a lock down.I literally went to my balcony and I was like um is this where God you let me go.” She continued.

Nasenya says that times she thought about committing suicide but her team and family was there for her which made her stay strong and focused.

“Yeah, it was that bad. I thought of it, but I had a strong team. I had my management there. I had my friends, not here or there, but they were on the phone.The next day in the morning, that was the first thing. They came to me,”

“I thought about it because I’m like I’m just a teenager I was just doing what I love doing for the past one year, what do you mean someone is mad because I dance!? I did not hurt anyone I was just having fun, so that was my lowest moment.”She concluded.

The interview had two other Celebrities including Dorea Chege and Shix Kapienga the two lead actors of ‘The Pink Ladies’which is usually aired on Rembo Tv.

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