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  • Tanzanian producer and singer, Genius Jini X66 has called out Kenya’s Bahati for coping his song.
  • He has since claimed copyright infringement with Bahati’s song being struck off from You Tube.
  • He’s currently waiting for a tangible explanation from Bahati before allowing the song back.

Tanzanian singer and producer, Genius Jini X66 has called out his Kenyan counterpart Bahati for coping his song.

According to Genius, Bahati lifted parts of his song “Juu” a collaborative piece with Jay Melody.

What irked Genius the most was Bahati maintaining that he doesn’t know him at all when they’ve followed each other on Instagram.

Again Genius states that it’s through his fans that he got to know of Bahati copying his song.

Barely a week ago, Genius woke up to many tags with fans notifying him of the song’s similarities.

Indeed, when he listened to Bahati’s song “Huyu” he was astonished  with the development.

What followed is that Genius posted part of the two songs and tagged Bahati with a warning to struck it off from You Tube.

He then went silent for a few days without getting word from Bahati and later laid a copyright claim.

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Copied Instrumentation

Genius maintains that he has no problem with Bahati’s lyrics but rather the instrumentation.

“Mimi ninacholalamikia pale ni instruments silalamikii mashairi yake silalamikii kwamba ameimbaje mi sijui chochote unaona ila ni instruments kwa sababu mimi nina sikio la uproducer na nina sikio pia la kuimba kwa hiyo nina vitu viwili tofauti” stated Genius partly.

Genius further disclosed that Bahati had reached out to his music distributor for assistance.

However, he was directed to reach out to Genius himself and was yet to do so.

Genius also revealed being attacked by Kenyans on social media for pulling down Bahati’s song.

Still, Genius who has Kenyan roots opened up on solving the matter should Bahati tone down.

On his part Bahati had alleged an attack by the Tanzanian star following the copyright strike.

“Another attack from Tanzania…Who is Genius Jini X66??? He maliciously deleted my song #Huyu from You Tube No. 2 on trending” posted Bahati.



September 19, 2023

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