Bounty Killer Furious Over Women’s Make Up

In summary
•The dancehall singer terms make up a ‘Scam’ while advising men to keep an eye
•He shared a collage photo of an elderly woman in a before and after make up transformation affirming that the two were completely different people
•Make up enhances beauty amongst other benefits but it also has it’s shortcomings

Jamaican dancehall superstar, Rodney Basil Price popularly known as Bounty Killer has shown his displeasure towards women’s make up, terming it a scam and advised men to be alert not to be duped by enhanced beauty whatsoever.

Taking to his Instagram,the raspy voiced singer shared a collage photo of an elderly woman in a before and after make up transformation maintaining that it represented a set of completely two different people.

“See why mi nuh like woman inna make up look how goodie ready fi di road it’s the new scam brovaz be careful 🤣😂😂😳

Could she be charged with misidentification?Bcuz that’s a totally different person beside her 🤔” he wrote

His fans also joined the conversation with one lot echoing Bounty Killer’s statement.

“Witchcraft 🙌” fired one fan

“Fresh face only for me… I don’t want you if you wear make-up” shot a second fan

However, another lot showed their dalliance towards make-up with many pointing out the fine work displayed by the make-up artist.

“Wow… The make up artist should be paid millions if she did the work..😂” appeared a comment

“She looks beautiful, good for her 🥰back in the day this was just called a makeover.I doubt she has intentions of tricking anyone, women especially of a certain age just want to feel good and look good,if this uplifts her then that’s a positive thing.Hope she enjoyed her look for the day😊🙏😊” flew another comment.
Advantages Of Using Make-up

Both men and women wear makeup, the trend is rampant in the entertainment world, where tv host’s, actors and actresses enhance their appearances before the camera.

In other people make-up can improve their self esteem, one can also achieve a variety of looks by using various tones, it’s easy to apply and also cost effective.

Side Effects Of Make-up

As much as make-up brings smiles to many faces it also has it’s shortcomings such as:
•Clogged pores-using make-up for a long period leaves your skin pores clogged
•In some people make-up hastens aging, formation of wrinkles begin much earlier
•Allergic Reactions -People have different skin types hence some experience allergic skin reactions from some products
•Eye infections -Makeup takes place on the face with eye concealer being applied around the eyes,this keeps the eye at a risk of contacting an infection.
•Cancer-Most make-up products have cancer causing components namely formaldehyde,coal tar,acernic and silica among others.

To take good care of your skin if you’re fond of applying makeup is to ensure that you don’t sleep with it,it has to be washed off.Another factor to put into consideration is ensuring that your products are not expired to avoid reacting with the skin leading to infections.

We have had cases of men divorcing women on seeing them for the first time without makeup! What’s your take on it?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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