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  • Rapper Breeder LW has revealed charging $100 per word for a feature
  • The rapper is among the most highly rated hip hop star’s in the country.
  • He’s currently riding high with his freestyle laid on gangster rock riddim.

Rapper Paul Baraka popularly known as Breeder LW has revealed that he charges $100 per word for a feature, which is an equivalent of 14,000 Kenya Shillings.

The naipenda rapper made the revelation through an Instagram Q\A live session

‘’Ask me a question’’ poses Breeder

‘’How much for a feature?’’ asks a fan

‘’I charge $100 per word for a feature’’ replies Breeder

Breeder further got tongues wagging recently disclosing his performances charges as 1 Million Kenya Shillings.

Highly Rated Hip Hop Star

Fondly refered to as Bazenga Daddy or Papa Fathela, Breeder has cemented his space in the music industry thanks to his lyrical prowess and mastery.

His delivery and storytelling ability has earned him a wide fanbase.

Mentored by award winning rapper Khaligraph Jones, Breeder is proving to be following in the latter’s footsteps if his steady growth is anything to go by.Breeder has worked with Khaligraph on ‘Khali Cartel 3’ which also featured Rekless, Bey T, Chiwawa and Silerstone Barz, They also teamed up in the song ‘Ni Kubaya’

However, his tremendous growth has also been caught with controversies, In August 24,2020, the Dagoreti bred rapper accused fellow rapper Octopizzo for threatening his life. This is after Breeder had alleged that the namba nane rapper buys You Tube views.

In response, Octopizzo is said to have rounded up Breeder in the company of armed men, he was driven around the city with his phone consfisticated, the malicious post’s aimed at Octopizzo were erased with an apology being effected.

In a recent interview, Breeder seemed to have put the incident behind his back as he concentrated with the future.

Currently, Breeder is riding high with his freestyle laid on gangster rock riddim.

A quick look on Breeder’s first verse in Masaa Ni Mbaya yields 145 words, If you do the math per his charges you’ll need to cough 200k.

Would you pay that much for a feature?

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