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  • Buju Banton has voiced his support for the West Africa uprising currently via popular coups.
  • Burkina Faso, Gabon, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Chad is some of the recent coups witnessed in less than 3 years.
  • Buju Banton Born for Greatness album link to his revolutionary mind.

Mark Anthony Myrie stage name Buju Banton, Jamaican reggae and dancehall icon believes that a free Africa means freedom for blacks all over the world. This he said today while voicing his support for the West Africa uprising via coups on his Instagram account.

“We are seeing and witnessing the rise of Africa, the African continent the so called the sleeping giant. We are witnessing our people finally ruling your destiny once and for all. Putting an end to modern day slavery and exploitation of Africa.

We are seeing several assassinations since 2020. We are at front row at the wind of change. I stand in solidarity with Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, and every oppressed nation of the continent of Africa.

Let us stand with Africa. We stand with those who want to be free because we know we are not free here in the west. So, we desire the freedom of all Africa because if Africa is free then the black man is eventually free.” Buju Banton said.

Buju’s revolutionary mind in his new album

Buju Banton born for greatness album cover. PHOTO Courtesy


Buju Banton now 50 years old is set to release his album on the 8th of September 2023. The album title indicates his revolutionary mind and supports his freedom ideology and an individual and a people.

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“Born for Greatness” is the most anticipated reggae album of 2023.

It ignites the old Buju revolutionary sound and charisma when he sung Destiney, Untold stories, Hills and Valleys, Not an easy road among other great songs of 1995-1997.

Some stinging lyrics from his new album.

“I was born for greatness; I don’t follow no rules I guess I’m lawless…”

‘Tell em say we blessed…”

“The light of my path, the lamp to my feet…”

The inspirational, revolutionary album is a must listen!

Chronology of ‘The Coup belt’

Ibrahim Traore, Burkina Facso military Coup leader. PHOTO Courtey


West, Central and the Sahel have experienced coups in the recent years, with scholars branding the region ‘The Coup Belt’.

Apart from Sudan, the rest of the region was under the French and France has maintained their influence via culture and economics since then. Could France be the problem or just a normal awakening by the West Africans?

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The popular face of the Coup belt’ is Burkina Faso’s 34-year-old Ibrahim Traore who removed the interim president Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba on 30th September 2022.

I just less than three years, we have witnessed a series of coups which seem well coordinated.

Mali was in 2020, Chad and Guinea in 2021, Burkina Faso in 2022, Niger and Gabon in 2023.

There were also attempts in Sudan, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bisau.

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Paul Biya and Paul Kagame in past meetings. PHOTO Courtesy


This has sent ‘strong men’ presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Cameroon’s Paul Biya into worry, immediately carrying out major changes in their respective militaries.

Paul Biya is the oldest African head of state at 90 years old and has ruled since 1982. Before that he was the prime minister, and office he held from 1975.




September 5, 2023

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