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  • Nairobi MCAs slam DCI over City Hall probe.
  • Minority Chief Whip Mark Mugambi Ronaldo  and Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai says the purported “air” payments as claimed are politically. instigated.

Section of Nairobi MCAs have now slammed the manner in which the Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI is conducting the investigations into the alleged fraudulent payments to some nine companies at City Hall.

Led by Minority Chief Whip Mark Mugambi Ronaldo  and Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai the purported “air” payments as claimed by the DCI is hot air and politically instigated.

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Mugambi asked the DCI to be professional and to stop intimidating the County Government employees.

“We are not after their mandates our concern is the way they conduct themselves..the era of intimidation is not with us and DCI must have a proper way of conducting their investigations…We want them to have decorum and do summons to those they think might be of help during their investigation process but intimidation that’s a big no.” Ronaldo said.

He has however,defended Sakaja regime saying its organised and performing than former regimes.

“I can assure you that our governor is very diligent, focused and he has made system work at City Hall and whatever is happening is pure political witch-hunt and the cartels who can not milk the County are busy fighting him.We shall not allow that and we must give him time to work.” he  added.

DCI Probe

In a letter dated July, 21, 2023 by the DCI Investigation Bureaus Head by David Birech on behalf of Mohamed Amin, received by the Acting Nairobi County Secretary Patrick Analo, the Nairobi County Government is supposed to furnish the investigating officers with documents showing the services provided by the said companies and the relevant budget approvals.

“This office is investigating a case of suspected money laundering whereby the county government is suspected to have made fraudulent payments to the companies yet there were no services rendered. We ask your office to furnish us with the relevant budget approvals and requisitions by the departments relating to the above payments,” the letter by DCI dated July, 21,2023 read in part.

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