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  • Fuel price hike in Tanzania comes just a month after Kenya also increased its fuel prices.
  • This move has come as a shocker to both Tanzanian and Kenyan motorists

Fuel prices in Tanzania have skyrocketed, dealing a blow to motorists across the country. The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) issued a statement attributing the hike to a dollar shortage which has impacted the cost of importing oil.

As a result, petrol prices have now risen to Ksh 186.46 from previous 159 shillings, diesel prices rising to 171.13 from 148.33 last month, hence leading to a 17 percent increase in fuel costs.

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“Changes in prices of petroleum products in August 2023 are mainly due to challenges in the availability of US Dollars and changes in the fuel levy, prices of petroleum products in the world market, and premiums in the importation of petroleum products,”

Dr. James Mwainyekule, the Director General of EWURA said in a statement.

This fuel price hike in Tanzania comes just a month after Kenya also increased its fuel prices.

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The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) in Kenya announced the new fuel prices following the implementation of a 16 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) on petroleum products, as per the provisions of the Finance Act 2023.

“On 26th June 2023, H.E. the President Dr William Ruto signed into law the Finance Bill, 2023 introducing a 16 percent VAT on petroleum products. Accordingly, EPRA will tomorrow 30th June 2023 release the reviewed petroleum prices in compliance with the finance bill 2023,”

EPRA said.

 Consequently, many Kenyans turned to neighboring Tanzania for cheaper fuel options, making it a popular destination for fuel purchases.

However, this latest move by Tanzania to raise fuel prices has come as a shocker to both Tanzanian motorists and Kenyan cross-border buyers.

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