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  • Traders are counting loses
  • Nairobi County fire fighters responded promptly

A section of Toi market in Kibra Nairobi was engulfed in flames yesterday night leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The fire incident occurred at 9pm along Makina stage in Kibra.

According to Joel Amanda who witnessed what transpired said the fire seemed to have originated from a restaurant before rapidly spreading to the adjacent structures.

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Fortunately, the county fire fighters responded promptly after receiving alerts, and their swift action helped prevent further escalation of the disaster.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Joel Amanda expressed gratitude for the firefighters’ rapid response but also lamented the scale of destruction caused by the fire.

“Moto huo ulianza kuteketeza restaurant Fulani Hapa na ukasambaa kwa kasihadi kuchoma vibanda zaidi ya nane mfululizo,”

Amanda said.

Frequent fires

Countless traders returned to Toi Market this morning to find their stalls reduced to ashes and debris.

“Leo zima Moto ilijaribu, imagi ilifika 30 mins after tumewapigia before ilikuwa inachukua masaa though tulikuwa tumejaribu kujizimia,”

The affected traders now face the daunting task of rebuilding their businesses from scratch.

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The recent fire incident marks the second time this year that the market has fallen victim to such a devastating fire.

 In June, a similar fire outbreak resulted in substantial losses for the traders and the community at large.

“last time tulichomekewa…this time pia…sijui tfanyeje….kuna watu wanataka hii land..hatutatoka,”

The affected traders are now turning to well-wishers and the Nairobi County Government for assistance.

“Tunaomba usaidizi…unajua sio kupenda kwetu…sijui tutaenda wapi au tutafanya nini because fires zimeongezeka,”

A day after the tragedy, Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja pledged to help the trader’s affected rebuild their businesses.

Taking to his twitter account, Sakaja intimated that the traders had lost so much and hence would be helped.

“We have assessed the damage and we will help you rebuild. In the meantime, we have organised food and material support.” He tweeted.


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