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  • Diamond, Jux ‘Enjoy Video’ pulled from You Tube due to copyright infringement.
  • Congolese artist Sapolo Guano is behind the strike.
  • They had reached an agreement after Jux was said to have copied his song.

Diamond and Jux biggest song ‘Enjoy’ video has been pulled down from You Tube due to copyright infringement.

According to Congolese musician, Sapolo Guano who’s behind the strike, the two sides failed to reach an agreement.

Sapolo maintained that after agreeing to some terms, Jux and Diamond failed to fulfill hence the strike.

“Kitu ambacho kimefanya nifute kuna baadhi ya makubaliano ambayo tulikuwa nayo hawakuyatimiza ndio nikaamua kuifuta” he stated.

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Sapolo added that his management team and that of Jux had come to a bargain in sealing the matter.

However, the period that they provided for completion had already elapsed with no communication from Jux’s side.

“Ni maongezi ambayo ni management zote mbili…So kuna vitu ambazo hawakutimiza ndio tukaishusha” he continued.

Beat Sampling

According to Sapolo, Jux had sampled his beat from his song ‘I Found Love’.

“Kitu ambacho kimechukuliwa ni biti(beat) yaani kuna baadhi ya vitu flani zimechukuliwa kutoka kwenye beat yangu” he added.

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Now that ‘Enjoy’s’ video has been pulled down, Sapolo is waiting for Jux’s side to act before the video is reinstated.

“Baada ya kuifuta tunasubiria tuone maongezi yao pamoja na sisi tuone vile yatakapokuwa” he summed up partly.

Pulled Down ‘Enjoy’ Audio

Sapolo is on record for also pulling down the audio to ‘Enjoy’ before having it back once again.

This happened after Jux’s management brokered a deal which is yet to be achieved.

Sapolo had disclosed that he had sent Jux his song in the hope of a collaboration.

However, Jux failed to honor a working relationship and he released it as a solo act.


September 13, 2023

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