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  • Elani member Wambui has shared what the group has been upto after a four year break.
  • Elani has been silent since the release of their album dubbed ‘The colour of love’.
  • Elani is behind songs such as ‘Milele’‘Kookoo’‘Jana Usiku’ ‘Zuzu’ and many more.

Kenyan musical trio Elani has finally spoken of their whereabouts over the past four years following the recent social  media turmoil from their fans who expressed their longing of new music from the sensational group.

A few days ago, social media was ablaze with curiosity about Elani’s prolonged break from the music scene, leaving fans eager for the group’s next move.

Comprising the incredibly talented vocalists Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngugi, and Brian Chweya, Elani has mesmerized audiences with their soul-stirring voices that send shivers down the spine.

Their captivating performances and heartfelt lyrics have left an indelible mark on listeners.

Elani Members; Maureen Kunga (standing), Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi

In a recent interview, Wambui Ngugi acknowledged the fans’ anticipation and the pressure that comes with it.  She shed light on their current situation explaining what members of the trio are up to.

“We are enjoying each other’s company during our little break from releasing projects together. We’re also exploring other things we’ve always wanted to do.”  Wambui said.

While shedding more light on the impact of fame, Wambui emphasized the band’s commitment to safeguarding their personal lives and selectively sharing aspects that resonate with them. Their primary focus remains on their music, allowing fans to connect with them on their own terms.

Wambui then expressed gratitude to their loyal supporters and reassured them that Elani constantly keeps their fans in mind. She promised that the band would release new songs when the timing feels right, guided by a higher power.

“God will see our plans through, and when the time comes,” she said.

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