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  • Emmy Kosgei blown away by Michael Bundi and son, Fayez rendition of “Taunet Nelel.
  • Emmy noted the pair’s mastery of the Kalenjin language.
  • Michael Bundi has mastered his niche as not only a cover artist but also a gifted song writer.

Emmy Kosgei has been blown away by Michael Bundi and son, Fayez rendition of her runaway hit, Taunet Nelel.

Taking to her Instagram, Emmy shared a Tik Tok video of Michael Bundi and Fayez singing their hearts out to lyrics of “Taunet Nelel”.

The gospel star further noted the pair’s mastery of the Kalenjin language as mind blowing.

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She went ahead and termed the moment a spiritual awakening with music being a universal language.

“Wow…#taunetnelelanthem by #fatherandson incredible their pronunciation word by word on the whole song is whaaaaaaaat. Music is truly beyond linguistics it is spiritual!!!! Take a listen” she captioned.

Fans Reactions

Emmy’s commentary section is continuing to flood with congratulatory messages poured towards Michael Bundi and Fayez.

Many have since opined that Emmy is an inspiration for writing timeless and uplifting music.

Also not left behind was Michael Bundi himself who slid on the commentary with a “Thank You” remark.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Am all smiles adorable”

“This is sweet @michaelbundi”

“I have always loved and listened to your songs Emmy… All of them even without understanding a word. They are perfect!! You are truly blessed”

“These guys can actually pronounce Kalenjin terms”

It’s barely 15 years when Emmy Kosgei released the song titled “Taunet Nelel which loosely translates to a new beginning.

The song cemented Emmy’s grip on the gospel scene making her one of the industry’s leading lights.

So big was Taunet Nelel that Guardian Angel also did a dancehall remix.

Michael Bundi has curved his niche as not only a cover artist but also a gifted composer.

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The promising singer has since introduced his look-a-like son, Fayez as his back up singer.

Bundi’s star has been on an upward trajectory which saw him land a slot on ‘Pamoja’ album by Jamaican reggae singer, Etana.

The album went ahead and earned a nomination at the 64th Grammy Awards in the Best Reggae Album category.


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