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  • Harmonize is alleged to have eloped with his DJ’s girlfriend leading to their fallout.
  • DJ Seven recently left Konde Gang and has cited betrayal from a leading figure at the Harmonize led stable.
  • The development has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens.

Harmonize is alleged to have eloped with his DJ’s girlfriend leading to their fallout.

A fortnight ago, DJ Seven took to social media and ranted over an unknown figure at Konde Gang breaking his relationship.

According to the DJ, he was betrayed by a very close friend whom he regarded as family.

“Tunaumizwa na watu tunaowaamini. Tunawaona ni marafiki zetu wa karibu” read one of his Instagram stories.

He didn’t stop there, he proceeded to play Appy’s song “Watu Feki”.

By then, DJ Seven’s Instagram appearance had also changed with a deletion of “Harmonize Personal DJ”.

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In yet another rant, DJ Seven shared a verse on betrayal sang by Fid Q and Yvonne Mwale, Sihitaji Marafiki.

“Nakula nao happy leo kesho wanamtaka mkeo urafiki staki hauletagi maendeleo” partly raps Fid Q.

The celebrated disc wizard continued ranting while admitting that he was caught off balance and never read the signs.

Music messaging seemed his best option when he also landed at Harmonize’s arch-rival Diamond’s nest.

He picked on Dangote’s song with his newest signee, D Voice, Kama Wengine.

“Walimwengu wamejaliwa vingi sana ila hata hicho kidogo kinachokupa furaha nacho wanataka kiwe chao” he captioned.

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Fans Reactions

The development has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

A section has condemned it while laying blame to both Harmonize and DJ Seven’s girlfriend, Poshy Queen.

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Others think that Harmonize learnt the art of seduction from his former boss, Diamond.

Poshy Queen has also been termed tempting to Harmonize due to her curvaceous figure which the Konde Gang boss has a liking for judging from his previous women, Frida Kajala and Rwandese flame, Yolo The Queen.

Poshy Queen has since sent signals of being with Harmonize after a video of her went viral with a voice similar to Harmonize’s.

Still, we are yet to get clear information.

Below are a few of the reactions.

“Poshy Queen anae zigo la kwenda”

“Huyu jamaa anapenda mizigo”

“Harmo hiyo tabia kafunzwa na mondy”

“Mwenye kisu kikali ndio anakula”


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