• Grand P has hinted at reuniting with his Ivorian model Eudoxie Yao after their separation months ago.
  • The two were captured having a meal while enjoying each other’s company
  • Grand P was diagnosed with progreria,a condition that led to age early leaving him with the small statue

Guinean musician Moussa Sandiana Kaba popularly referred to as Grand P has rekindled his love to his Ivorian plus size model,Eudoxie Yao after their separation months ago.

Taking to his Instagram, Grand P shared photos in the company of Eudoxie while having a meal and enjoying each others company sending signals of a renewed love life.

Road To Stardom

Despite battling health challenges ‘Progreria’ that makes him appear older with a small statue,the 33 year old has pushed his musical career beyond limits.

His star shone brighter in 2019 when he held a performance with Kerfalla Kante at the People’s Palace in Conakry.

His show took everyone by surprise, it went viral with his name spreading like wildfire not only in Guinea but also other neighbouring nation’s such as Cote D’Ivoire and Mali among others.

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Pressing further, he dropped his four-track Ep dubbed ‘The Love’ in 2019.

Fondly referred to as ‘The Billionaire’, Grand P was one of his country’s ambassadors in the delegation that supported Guinea at the African Cup Of Nations which took place in Cairo.

In 2020, he also dropped a song in commemoration of Guinea’s independence.

Grand P further hinted on running for the highest political office,The Presidency as well as forming a political party -Amour Consideration et Unite.

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