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  • Pritty Vishy points an accusing finger at her detractors as her new song,Kienyeji is pulled down from YouTube
  • Reveals the situation has made her mother weak and disoriented
  • Her fans pour messages of love during her trying time

Former Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend, Socialite turned musician Pritty Vishy is in distress after her new song, Kienyeji was pulled down from You Tube.

Taking to her Instagram, a distraught Pritty Vishy pointed an accusing finger at her detractors for her woes.

With just a day since its release, Pritty Vishy disclosed that striking the song from YouTube had led her mother’s disorientation and weakness.

Left with no option, the outgoing socialite called on the Almighty to help her out maintaining that she toiled for the song’s fruition.

“You have made my mum weak, you have made her cry… Good job… I leave everything for God to deal with you…I worked hard for everything (audio, video) it’s OK.

God will fight for me 😭😭💔💔,” she wrote.

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Shoulder To Lean On

With news on the song, Kienyeji being pulled down, her fans thronged the commentary section giving her a shoulder to lean on during her trying moment.

We sampled a few of the comments.

“😥😥😥 sorry my gal,” fired one fan.

“You’ll get over it ❤️Trust in God he is the provider ❤️” shot another fan.

“This is not fair,” read another comment.

With the new development,Pritty Vishy has now remainder with two songs namely Dear Ex and Nimeiva.

By Steve Osaka.

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